Services - Stratégie 360

We find the money in governments and you profit...

Strategy 360 is committed to locating, identifying and recovering its clients’ financial assets. It is a potential income for your company without you paying anything!

This is a three-step process.

  • Research and identification of unclaimed financial amounts by verifying registered transactions in all our information banks.
  • Establish an efficient recovery process adapted to each customer, which allows the maximum recovery of unclaimed financial assets.
  • Propose to our clients a continuous service while also offering guaranteed benefits, whatever the reasons mentioned.

This proven process delivers real results. In addition, Strategy 360’s services are prorated to its successful results. If no unclaimed products are recovered, you will not receive an invoice for services.

Most importantly, we are committed to fulfilling our mandate with the utmost degree of professionalism, ethics as well as confidentiality.

Recovery Types

During the research phase, Strategy 360 examines 100 information databanks in order to identify unclaimed money under the following categories:

  • Stale-dated Cheques
  • Uncashed Bank Notes
  • Bankruptcy Unclaimed Funds
  • Lost Bank Accounts
  • Lost Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Tax Refunds
  • Forgotten Credit Notes
  • Utility Public Deposits
  • Leftover Company Stocks
  • Unclaimed Insurance Benefits
  • Unreceived Royalties

At Strategy 360, we are convinced that good management involves the possibility of recovering money that is owed to your company.