From the Treasury Assistant of an important communications company

"Your firm was able to locate more than 95 percent of identified potential recoveries, some of which hadn't been heard from for more than 15 years. In one case, we were able to recover more than double the expected amount. We are delighted with all the potential financial interests brought to our attention by Strategy 360 Inc. My boss was quite impressed by the recoveries."

From the Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest airline carriers in North America

"We used Strategy 360 Inc.’s services for many claims in North America. When requests were filed after getting our approval, 99 percent of the time you were right about the potential recoveries. The searches were done completely, professionally and conscientiously. You kept in touch with me, followed up on pending requests and the cheques were received as expected."

From an Attorney

"This note is to serve as my formal recommendation for Mr. Jean Pouliot (Founder of Strategy 360 Inc.). I have been associated with Mr. Pouliot in a professional capacity since 2005, and he consistently demonstrates strong ethics with high quality results.

In a major understanding with a mutual client, he proved to be a resourceful, creative professional, with integrity beyond reproach. Mr. Pouliot was easily reachable and expended a great deal of time and energy during the recovery process, which proved to be most lucrative for our client.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Jean Pouliot without reservation."

From the Chief of a First Nation

"Your efforts in locating an important missing cheque, lost for more than 10 years, has made our First Nation Band so proud to receive it. Your diligence and persistence have certainly paid off. It seems that your many years in this business have given you the necessary tools and abilities to bring your efforts to successful conclusions. It has been a pleasure working with you on this significant recovery. I would not hesitate to make use of your organization again or to recommend it to any other First Nations."

From a Bank Officer

"We are extremely pleased by the recovery service provided by you and your firm, which has not only been prompt but personal and confidential. We will even call you for future recoveries considering the significant amounts discovered. We have no hesitation in recommending your services to any one at any time."

From the Vice President, Taxation of an important insurance company

"Thank you for an excellent job. We had been frustrated in the past by previous providers of similar recovery services and I thank you for having persisted in stressing that Strategy 360 Inc. was different. In fact, your research tools are amazing and cover a broad scope of areas of unknown governmental institutions in North America. The most important of all is that you are paid only on success with a share of the assets we recovered without knowing it. Strategy 360 Inc. is a valuable added resource that I would definitively recommend to others. You are prompt in answering questions and efficient in the recovery process. Your work leaves us with little to do and you have been a great advantage to us."